Mária Sebestyén

leader, trail guide

Spoken languages:

English (technical translator, interpreter),
Spanish (advanced),
Hungarian (maternal)

„I have known from my very little childhood, that horses would play an essential role in my life. Nobody knew where my deep passion towards horses came from, because I was born in the capital and grew up there. But since I could talk I had been nagging my parents for riding, and fortunately they accepted my wish, and slowly they became aware of the fact that their doughter will be a true educated „farmer”.

I studied Rural Development (agriculture and economics) at universities in Hungary and in The Netherlands, and spent 3 monthes in Andalusia as a trainee (Epona Riding Centre). I am a qualified Riding Instructor, Trail Guide and Tourguide in Hungary. I think I have quite a lot of experience compared to my age, but I also think, that we have to be opened for new things, and lifelong learning should never end. Animals and nature can teach us a lot!